Sunday, July 10, 2011

You have an easier time finding a job than a good roommate in NYC

Which is unexplicably, unbelievable.

I think I've seen now like 20 people in a week, and no one suitable yet.
Most people have a lot of concerns about the area, 'cause you know, there are tons of questionable areas in NYC, also rent prices are frakking high, and the places miserably small.  Add to that, that landlords are assholes, sometimes there's just no good transportation, your roommates are crazy, moody, dirty scumbags, etc.

But NONE of those things apply to me and my place.  It's big enough, the area is one of nyc best neighborhoods, the rent is quite affordable compare to what those around me pay, there's plenty of transportation on my block (4 train lines), the landlord isn't the friendliest person, but he at least is on top of any issue and solves it right away, and I'm the most easygoing person, who doesn't care who you are/do as long as you are clean and pay on time, and are some druggy, party animal.

The issues are that most people, don't seem to read your roommate ad, and ask you tons of questions to things you alredy went out of your way to answer in said ad.
Waste your time by stopping by and telling you they love the place, but they still want to wait to hear from other places for X reason.  Everyone wants to walk around waiting for something they deem better, and therefore wasting your time. Time you could have use to talk to a more potential roommate.
You tell them the move in date is X date, they say yes, then tell you they can't move in that date and can you wait for them.
They say they are available all day, when you clear a time for them, they say can't make it and if it could be hours later or another day. or that something like go check out a restaurant with a friend came up, and apparently that's more important than having a place to live.
Then there's the issue with trying to read people through their white lies. Every single response claims they are super clean, neat, quiet, etc.  C'mon people, though I want someone that is relatively clean, I rather live with someone that honestly says: "I may forget to clean right that instant and leave dishes overnight 'cause I'm super tired, but I make it a point to clean them the next day."  I can live with that. Usually the super everything are the least clean, neat people in the world.

Ok, I'm done venting. I'm hoping I'll find someone relatively awesome today and be done with roommate search hell.

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