Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in Review: Top Singles

"We could have had it all......." and so, that's how the year began and lord did she had it all and we along with her!

Of course, others may say that the year started either with someone holding things against her, or another letting us know that she was born this way and that way or the other way, but really, the perfect storm of Adele's voice and that thumping handclapping thunder sound accompaning it was all we needed all year long.

Not that Adele was all there was out there, Patrick Wolf gave the world not one, but four amazing singles; a previously unknown act named Foster The People gave summer it's inescappable and most unlikely hit; and even Robyn, who gave us a handfull of pop masterpieces last year, managed to throw one more our way with the genial "Call Your Girlfriend."
  1. Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."
  2. Patrick Wolf's "The City."
  3. Patrick Wolf's "Together."
  4. Foster The People's "Pump Up Kicks."
  5. Patrick Wolf's "House."
  6. Patrick Wolf's "Time of My Life."
  7. Adele's "Someone Like You."
  8. Black Key's "Lonely Boy."
  9. Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend."
  10. Lykke Li's "I follow Rivers."
Honorable mention goes to Adele's shoulda-coulda-woulda never officially released as single "Rumor Has It."  There's just no other song in 21 that deserved to be released more than "Rumor." Shame on you record company!

And speaking of unreleased potential hits, Britney (yes, Britney) Spears release several songs off her Femme Fatale album, some ("I Wanna Go") were no brainers, but the catchiest earworn in the album was never given a release for unknown reasons: "Big Fat Bass." That songs just rocks, bounce, tickles that pop pleasure spot in ways no other song in the album could and it was never given a chance.

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