Monday, May 30, 2011

Short Stories

Though I sort of started my affair with writing by daydreaming short stories on long boring afternoons, I've never been that taken by it, dunno. I think everything I dream up, becomes such a huge an idea, that it would never be contained and properly told within a short story format.... or I'm just not that good at it. I guess we must suck at something :(

Haha, with that in mind, I did get inspired to write a trilogy of very short stories around Halloween of '10.  Though not exactly connected, they do share the same basic format; they all contain a specific word(s) blanked out, and they all have a sort of try to say something about death on their own way.  They aren't anything special, but quick, to the point and cool.

They are: The Hand," "The Puppy," and "The Smile."  And you can find them all on their very own tab above.

Thanks for reading.

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