Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a Hurricane Can Make You Accomplished.

So this weekend, we, the people of the northeast cost, had to deal with the passing of hurricane Irene. Though there wasn't much damaged at all around my area (NYC) asside from hours and hours of heavy rain and wind, I was most concern with losing power, so I stayed up, burning the midnight oil to finished my final revision of my next novel.  And I'm very happy to say that the mission was accomplished!!

Granted, we did not, in fact, lost power for a second, but the important thing is that I feared we would, so it made me sit down and not moved until this revision was done, otherwise, I can bet I would still be working on it for another week or so.  So even though Irene did cause a lot of damages and some lives were lost, for which I'm very saddened, in some weird selfish way, I have to say thanks to it for pushing me to do what I should have been done with weeks ago.

Next up: working on the cover/backcover design, the pages layout, and overall look of the novel, before my late October/early November publishing deadline.

Wish me luck.

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