Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book Number 2-update

Finishing the editing was probably the easy part.  I have a clear idea of the cover design I want to utilize for my upcoming novel, the only issue is getting that idea to work.  When I was looking for the cover image of VIOLET HILL, I wanted (of course) an image that would represent the story or more importantly convey the feeling of the book, and the image I choose, which I believe I was lucky to come across is perfect: the upside down view to a basement dead end.

For anyone that's read VIOLET HILL, you know that I couldn't have picked a better image to represent the novel. A sense of dread, being trapped with no escape, desperation, claustrophobic fear, and your world and everythig you know completely shuffled into something unknown.  That's all right there in the cover when you read the novel.

I want the cover of book 2 to be just as perfect as that of VIOLET HILL, and so far I haven't being able to nailed it, but I'm positive that I'm going to.

Fingers crossed.

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