Sunday, September 11, 2011

Novel #2 Update: Hardest Part of It All--The Crucial Synopsis.

And here I was so happy that the editing part was completely done, and I was almost halfway done with creating the right cover design, when suddenly someone reminded me of one tiny fact that I have completely forgotten about: the book's synopsis.

And my heart sank.

Not because it is an impossible task, but because summarizing your novel to one or two paragraphs has got to be the hardest part of writing a novel, period.  You have to sell the novel to the potential reader, convey just about everything, or at the very least, the most crucial aspects of the story without giving any surprises away!  Which sometimes means omitting amazing details that would for sure drive people to buy/read the book, but you can't give those details away because they serve a larger story and their impact needs to be discover while reading the book, not on a summary.

So I have stop all work on the cover design, to concentrate on the synopsis.  I must have written about 10 different versions of the synopsis for VIOLET HILL, until I landed on the version I ended up using for the official release.  But VIOLET HILL, when compare to book #2, was a piece of cake.  VIOLET HILL might have been a bit difficult to summarized, but the story itself is very straightforward compare to the new novel.  The new one is perhaps the most complex story I've ever dreamed up; it is a huge, sprawling epic from which book #2 is only a fraction of. 

I already feel a headache coming on......

But fear not, I'm known for putting myself in this type of "against the wall" situations and finding my way out. I am a higly intelligent, confident, practical, resourceful being, and though it may take a dozen drafts, I will end up with the perfect synopsis for it.  Which I will then post here, along with the official reveal of the novel's title.

stay tuned.....

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