Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quick Film Takes On: "Contagion," "Killer Elite,"Drive," "Moneyball."

Though life has been keeping busier than I would like, I've somehow find the time to see a few movies out and here are my quick thoughts:

DRIVE: More stylish than I thought it would be, with some unexpected parts, a nice soundtrack, and some pretty cute/tender moments interspeted with the violence and the cool camera work driving. Everyone involve does a fine job. Grade: B+

MONEYBALL: Thought people may not see it, Brad Pitt does a very good understated acting on this.  The movie itself is winner, thanks to him and the excellent script and directing job.  Is it an oscar movie? Yes and not quite. Grade: B+

KILLER ELITE: It's not quite the movie the preview made it seem to be, but it has tons of fun moments, especially the two big fights between Clive and Jason, and it proves once and for all that Jason Statham is without a doubt, "the man." Grade: B

CONTAGION: A perfectly ok movie about paranoia in our everyday lives, everyone involve does good on their parts, but it's nothing to rush to. Grade: B

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