Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Search For The Perfect Image

In between being busy and distracted by life's happenings, I've been diligently trying to find-create the perfect cover for HADEAN ANGELUS, and so far nothing.  My original idea for a cover, just fell apart, and my second idea... I can't seem to put it together just right, thus forever delaying the release of the book, I mean, without a proper cover I can't do anything!

I had originally planned to have the book out this coming tuesday, which--if you read the book--would have been a perfect date for it! but sadly, not everything happen as planned, so the release date remains up in the air, until this business of the cover can get resolved. I'm going to crossed my fingers that it will be all done before thanksgiving, since that would also be a perfect date.  Stay tuned.....

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