Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Introducing "Hadean Angelus MCMLXXIX Volume 1: The Twins" The Official Synopsis.

The World We Once Knew no Longer Exists.

Of the one hundred and ninety-six nations that stood at the start of the global conflict, only one hundred and seventeen remain.  In a scant seven years, seventy-nine nations have been seized, decimated or simply erased from the face of the earth.

Rise of the Totalitarian System.

It’s no secret that within the hierarchy of old men that constitutes the Regime, corruption runs rampant. The Regime has taken our rights away; they know our every move, make our decisions for us, and even go as far as act as if they know our very thoughts dictating what we think or say.  An entity that instills fear cannot be trusted to rule, but without an alternative to turn to, it cannot be stopped.

The Youth in Revolt.

With the national draft reinstated, the youth rebelled against the Regime, refusing to be shipped to their death at the battlefront. Running away from home and leaving their families behind, they are now fugitives being hunted down by the Regime.  Organizing themselves, they start fighting back, until their confrontation with the Regime explodes into a civil war.

The Fight for Control.

With a nation torn apart by the global conflict and the battle between the Regime and the youth rebel groups, a third, mysterious entity collects itself and makes a play to overpower everything, take the nation, and bring the world at large to an end.

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  1. great synopsis for a great novel. if you want me to look over your most recent manuscript before you go to print, nothing would make me happier. <3