Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Title Revealed!

I'm double excited to finally reveal the title of my new novel:

"Hadean Angelus MCMLXXIX Volume 1: The Twins."

Yes, I know, it's quite a mouthfull.

But it's such an exciting story!  I also would like to point out that it is going to be my first serial, hence the "volume" in the title.

I've worked on HADEAN ANGELUS for some years now, finding my way around the ins and outs of the story as a whole; not just this first volume, but the full series.  And though I know exactly how many volumes there's going to be of it, I would like to hold that bit of info back for now, and simply concentrate on Volume 1's release.  I'm aiming for a November 1st release date at this point, fingers crossed.

What's the meaning of the title you asked?  It's actually a puzzle piece to a huge, HUGE, secret within the story, and giving the meaning away now, would ruin the pay off of the story.  But fear not, in the next few days, I'm going to be posting bits and pieces of the mechanics of the story and its characters, including the official synopsis of  Volume 1: The Twins.

Stay Tuned.

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